Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hetalia Episode 15 (Sub) is HERE!

Woohoo! My all-time favourite episode of Axis Powers Hetalia has arrived, starring the sweet and adorable Japan (Kiku Honda). In short, he represents the nature of japanese people, as how they would see the western culture, like witness the dinner of escargo, and stripping to their boxers in the summer! Poor poor Kiku... he has yet to get used to these nations.

NEXT! Italy's Character CD and the intro of Hetalia!

"I really... really love... PASTA!"

The upcoming APH Song CD; the previous one has the fabulous song by Daisuke Namikawa, who does BOTH the Italian Brothers songs:

- Feliciano: Let's Boil Water (I love Pasta!)

- Romano: Delicious Tomato

Also recently Kiku's song single along with Arthur (UK) will be OUT in late May (squees), i can't wait for the wonderful voiceactors as well as great singers, represent my two most favourite countries; England and Japan collides!

- Japan's 'Country of the Raising Sun' and 'Excuse me, I'm sorry'

Sang with such beauty and grace, yet when you hear the translations of the song, its SO FUNNY! Talks about figurine-making, games as the '2-Dimensional' images that will not rot your body but 'your heart will be'. How anyone could sing this with a serious face, only Kiku can!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zetsubou Skits of Despair!

Yesterday i was bored, so i went along and perform some skits for amusement:
Nendoroids i own:

-Light Yagami - 1st doll and the hardest to make him stand properly without falling... his head stands better than his body >_>
-Moetan's Pastel Ink - 2nd doll with detailed paintjob and adorable emotes! My favourite having a chair and many movable joints.
- Zetsubou Sensei is my newest doll in the collection; most morbid for being able to hang HIM with a rope which u gotta attach from the neck, into the head and out the hair, so he 'floats' properly. (This process took awhile to figure out).
Disclaimer: No Nendoroid was harm or injured during the making of these shots. Except for Itoshiki's neck cramps, except who really cares about the sucidal teacher?

Zetsubou Sensei has joined the Party!

Introducing my new Nendoroid; Nozomu Itoshiki has join my family of three. So far i have two other members, Light and Moetan's Pastel-chan.

So why did i buy Nozomu Nendoroid?

- Zetsubou has the Ukiyo-E style that i love, Itoshiki reminds me of Watanuki from XXXholic

- Well-chosen expressions with variety, from the normal, uncomfortable to the 'despaired' look.

He is 2nd favourite from Pastel Ink; since she has the most items and a better stand. GSC didn't have to leave this wide space on the base, makes the weight abit unbalanced and the diagram on how to attach the rope were alittle unclear. Tho i figured it out later.

- Currently, two Zetsubou dolls are living in my room but one's reserved. The 1st Nozomu (left) was bought from BeNippon which fees costed me $80! The other was bought through *connections* & cost me $55... downside is the packaging quality. The box was dented but luckily nothing broke inside.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talk on Figurines + Phantom Blood

My goodness, there's been alot of new figurines and Nendoroids coming from GSC, i've been tempted to dedicated art for them. Eversince i have been introduced to these fantastic japanese dolls, i have fallen deeply in love with these beautiful sculptured models. Someday, i hope to see my own characters as figmas or nendoroids.

Introducing my own characters based on my own story; Phantom Blood.
A tale of a boy named Nathan is thrown into a dark fantasy world, when a fairy named Una arrives in his world. Along his perilous journey, Nat meets with a demon princess, a quick-tempered magician and is fated to fight against a twisted 'bishonen' prince for the throne.

I love making complex stories and memorable characters which fans can love(?)

Princess Melodia the gothic lolita
Una the perky fairy
Alicia the kind-hearted maid.

Nathan the hapless youth
Nerion the silent assasin
Kremis the handsome prince

.. images soon to come!